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Get out. Have fun. Connect. The internet is great but true love isn't found swiping right. Finding love isn't finding the perfect person but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

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The Finishing Touch to Every Ensemble

One item male cosmetics is not lacking is cologne; there are hundreds of fragrances from which to choose. Be it floral or woodsy, there are many scents to consider. Many guys make the mistake of wearing certain colognes in any season. Read more


13 Tips to Make a Good Relationship Great

Do a Google search on how to get your best body and you’ll be inundated with pages of training tips. For those who want to take that same, proactive approach to creating your best relationship, I have your "exercise regimen" below. Read More


Nice Guys Finish Last and Righfully So

We have all been there, waiting around with the phone in our hands for a response or note from the dude that makes our lustful hearts go pitter-patter, all while ignoring the phone calls from the other guy who is consistent. Read More


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"True Love isn't found swiping right."

- SIP Atlanta